Insalata di Arance [Orange Salad]

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welcome to the Eco-Baby Cookbook

On this page, I'll be sharing food and recipe ideas, as well as other information relating to raising healthy babies in an environmentally friendly way.
When my son Cai was two weeks old, he underwent an operation for pyloric stenosis, a condition where the pyloric muscle blocks the stomach. When the time to feed him solids came, I wanted to be careful about what went into his tender tummy. I decided to cook everything for him, at least at first.
I soon found myself with an interesting bounty: piles of vegetable stalks, mounds of sweet potato peel, gallons of vegetable broth and other "leftovers" from baby cooking. I had lots of edible food that wasn't appropriate for Cai during these first few culinary months, and, much as I love to cook, I also had started spending way too much time in the kitchen. So I started to figure out ways to utilize these "baby leftovers" efficiently into dinners for myself and my husband. I strategized how to cook for baby and adults in one go, minimizing my time in the kitchen but maximizing our menu. I love food and believe in eating healthfully and well, and I didn't want to sacrifice the quality of our meals just because we'd had a baby. And so the Eco-Baby Cookbook was born. Stay tuned for our first recipe and I hope you enjoy...

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Matt Beynon Rees said...

Can't wait for all the great recipes! What an exciting blog.