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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Potato Peel is the New Black?

The poor, overlooked potato peel. Don’t ditch it – if your baby isn’t ready for vegetable peel, there’s plenty to do with this nutritious, flavorful appendage. Raw, potato peel can be added to any soup, frittata or savory pancake. Cooked and with a little of the meat still on it, you can really play around – add mayo and dijon for a potato peel salad, serve with sherry vinegar and salt as a tangy side, or layer it into any sandwich. And of course, what better way to use your potato peel than to sauté a batch in oil with salt and paprika for some homemade chips? There’s nothing you can buy in a bag that will ever match the fabulous freshness of these babies - see the photo on this page.

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GingerSpice said...

Potato peels also contain a large amount of the fiber in potatoes, so it's a great idea to not throw it away! Yum. I can see these sprinkled with parmesan cheese, too, after frying and salting. mmmmm.