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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ramekin Dessert

The fantasy dish of working parents is one that requires minimum effort, but invites oohs, aahs and entreaties for the recipe. This dessert won’t disappoint, is as flexible as your changing pantry, and utilizes fruit peel leftover from baby’s meal to boot. Using the peels, fruit and any cookies or cake lying around the house, prepare a Ramekin dessert fit for adults.

Fruit peel
Cookies or ground almond
Liqueur or red wine 
Yogurt or unsalted ricotta
Sugar or confectioner’s sugar

Preparation: Layer the bottom of the ramekin dishes with any cookie, thinly sliced cake, ground almond or combination thereof. Pour a few teaspoons of liqueur such as Amaretto or red wine to soak. Add layers of fruit peel and fruit, and then top with yogurt or ricotta cheese. Sprinkle sugar on top and bake. Or, bake first, sprinkle with sugar and torch for a Brulee finish.

In the photo on this page: Ginger cinnamon cookies soaked in Amaretto, layered with pear peel, strawberry, leftover banana from Cai’s breakfast and ricotta cheese. 

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